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2007 , Volume 12, 6, p.5-11

Fedotov A.A.

Efficient log filter

Logging is an application service which reports an internal state and traces processes of the application. The service is widely used by developers, testers, maintainers, supporters, administrators, and performance staff.

Logging output may significantly slow down the application performance because the value of this output could be substantial. Effective log filtering in runtime is important for real applications apache:harmony. This paper presents an efficient method of filtering for complex selection rules. The proposed approach is based on the assumption that the filter (selection rules) changes rarely.

More precisely, any program has only a limited number of calls to the logging subsystem in the code, so they could be ordered in a list. When the filter changes, our algorithm reviews the list and decides for each call site if it is active.

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Fedotov Aleksei Anatolievich
Address: 630090, Russia, Moscow

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Fedotov A.A. Efficient log filter // Computational technologies. 2007. V. 12. 6. P. 5-11
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