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2013 , Volume 18, 3, p.22-33

Medvedeva Y.S.

Fast enumeration of Grassmannian elements

The Grassmannian Gq(n,k) is the set of all k-dimensional subspaces of vector space Fqn . The coding of elements of Grassmannian was considered in many papers and has the application in network coding. We present the advanced algorithm of the enumerative coding of the elements of the Grassmannian, which has less computational complexity than other known algorithms of coding of Grassmannian elements do.

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Keywords: information theory, coding

Medvedeva Yulia Sergeevna
Position: Student
Office: ICT SB RAS
Address: 630090, Russia, Novosibirsk, 6 Acad. Lavrentjev avenu

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Medvedeva Y.S. Fast enumeration of Grassmannian elements // Computational technologies. 2013. V. 18. 3. P. 22-33
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