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Инд. авторы: Lepikhin A.M., Moskvichev V.V., Chernyaev A.P.
Заглавие: Acoustic-emission monitoring of the deformation and fracture of metal–composite pressure vessels
Библ. ссылка: Lepikhin A.M., Moskvichev V.V., Chernyaev A.P. Acoustic-emission monitoring of the deformation and fracture of metal–composite pressure vessels // Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics. - 2018. - Vol.59. - Iss. 3. - P.511-518. - ISSN 0021-8944. - EISSN 1573-8620.
Внешние системы: DOI: 10.1134/S0021894418030161; РИНЦ: 35753666;
Реферат: eng: This paper presents the results of experimental studies of damage accumulation in a metal–composite pressure vessel by pneumatic strength tests. The deformation and fracture of the composite structure accompanied by matrix cracking and fiber rupture are analyzed. It is shown that the cracks and fractures generate acoustic-emission signals of various types. The results of acoustic-emission monitoring were used to develop a criterion for ranking vessels according to the strength characteristics of the pressure composite shell.
Ключевые слова: Strength tests; metal-composite vessel; damage; acoustic-emission monitoring;
Издано: 2018
Физ. характеристика: с.511-518
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