The 9th Asian Logic Conference

16-19 August, 2005, Novosibirsk, Russia

Preliminary Conference Program

Plenary lectures
August 16 August 17 August 18 August 19
Opening of the conference
Moshe Vardi
Buechi complementation: a forty-year saga
Yurii Ershov
Model theory for multi valued fields
Joseph Miller
The degrees of unsolvability of continuous functions
Hiroakira Ono
Interpolation property and principle of variable separation in substructural logics
Vladimir Rybakov
Admissible inference rules in temporal linear logics based at integer numbers
Xishun Zhao
Complexity results on minimal unsatisfiable formulas
Vladimir Kanovei
On two inductive Borel irreducibility theorems
Andrei Mantsivoda
Semantic programming for semantic web
Sanjay Jain, Kinber E.
Negative data in learning languages
Masahiko Sato
A natural framework for checking proofs
Lev Beklemishev
On limit existence principles in formal arithmetic
Su Gao
Unitary group actions and classification problems
(Beijing, Denton)
Bakhadyr Khoussainov
On finitely presented expansions of algebras
Andrei Voronkov
The theory and practice of automated reasoning in first-order logic
Pavel Alaev
Computable Boolean algebras

Section 1: Computability theory

Room 417
Organizer Sergei Goncharov

  August 16 August 17 18 August 19
15.00 - 15.30
Reimann Jan, Stephan Frank
On hierarchies of randomness tests.
Pavlovsky E.N.
Estimating algorithmic complexity of classes of computable models. (Novosibirsk)
  Dimitracopaulos C, Sirokofskich A.I.
On a problem of L.D. Beklemishev.
( Athens)
15.30 -16.00
Khisamiev N.
On constructive nilpotent groups.
Puzarenko V.
Principles of computability on admissible sets.
Stukachev A.
On mass problems of presentability.
16.00 - 16.30
Khoussainov B., Slaman T., Semukhin P.M.
On ฯ01 - presentations of algebras. (Auckland)
Rybalov A.N.
A recursive oracle for separation of P and NP over complex number field. (Omsk)
Ashaev I.V.
Graph theorem for computability over algebraic structures.
16.50 – 17.20
Hausser R.R.
Comparing left-associative grammar with PSG
Latkin I.V.
The time complexity of the bounded first-order theory.
Melnikov A.G.
Torsion free low Abelian groups.
17.20 – 17.50
Badaev S.A.,Talasbaeva Zh.T.
Computability in the Ershov hierarchy .
Yang Y.
(To be announced)
Nechesov A.V.
Boleon algebras and complesity-redused automata.
17.50 – 18.20
Korovin K., Voronkov A.
Random structures and thresholds for existential fragment of first-order logic
Gavryushkin A.N.
The complexity of ehrenfeucht models.
Vinokurov N.S.
Homogeneous automatic structures. (Novosibirsk)
18.20 – 18.50

Section 2: Model theory and set theory

Room 344
Organizer Evgenii Palyutin

  August 16 August 17 18 August 19
15.00 - 15.30
Baizhanov B.S.
Expansions of models of stable theories and weakly benign property. (Almaty)
Hoang S.C.
Truth & proof in arithmetic .
15.30 -16.00
Pinus A.G.
On the implicit functions definet on different categories of finite universal algebras. (Novosibirsk)
Tung S.P.
Computational complexity of sentences over fields.
(Chung Li)
16.00 - 16.30
Stepanova A.
Additive poligons theory.
Yeshkeyev A.R.
On J-stability of Jonsson's theories.
16.50 – 17.20
Sudoplatov S.V.
On saturated generic models
Nudelman A.S.
One metamathematical paradox.
17.20 – 17.50
Pal'chunov D.
First-order definability in the elementary type semigroup of superatomic Boolean algebras with distinguished subalgebra.
Sokolova V.V., Novoseltsev V.B.
Modelling of recursive structures. (Tomsk)
17.50 – 18.20
ฬorozov A.S.
On definable subsets of the group Aut(Q,<). (Novosibirsk)
Poplavski V.
Orientation and permanent decomposition of Boolean matrices.
18.20 – 18.50

Section 3: Non-classical logics, proof theory and universal algebra

Room 213
Organizer Larisa Maksimova

  August 16 August 17 18 August 19
15.00 - 15.30
Ardeshir M.
Basic arithmetics
Omarov Z.A.
A criterion of n-characterisation of the variety of lattices.
  Odintsov S., Pearce D.
The logic of paraconsistent answer sets.
(Novosibirsk, Madrid)
15.30 -16.00
Mardaev S.I.
Graded modalities and fixed points.
Rutskii A.N.
Admissible inference rules in non-linear tense logics
Stukacheva M.
Canonical formulas for extensions of minimal logic.
16.00 - 16.30
Kuznetsov A.M.
Matrix modal logic
Schreiner P.A.
Automatical recognition of the interpolation property in the extension of the S5.
Beliakin N.
One $omega$-inconsistent formalization of set theory.
16.50 – 17.20
Gencer C.
Basis for passive inference rules in the modal logic K4.
Nurakunov A.M.
On lattices of equational theories.
Ol'khovikov G.K.
New semantics for classical propositional deontic logic.
17.20 – 17.50
Babyonyshev S.V.
Another characterization of deduction-detachment theorem.

17.50 – 18.20

18.20 – 18.50

Section 4: Applications of logic in computer science

Conference hall
Organizer Dmitrii Pal'chunov

  August 16 August 17 18 August 19
15.00 - 15.20
Lepage F.
The functional completeness of Lesniewski's systems.
Vityaev E.E.
Logic and probability synthesis in the prediction notion.
  Sizikov V.P., Razumov V.I., Sizikova L.G.
The genetically caused logic structures.
15.30 -15.50
Choe K.-M., Eo H., O S.-H., Shilov N.V.,Yi K.
Proofs about folklore: why model checking = reachability?
Pal'chunov D.
Definition of object domain ontology.
Sulis W.H.
Archetypal dynamics, tapestries, and logic.
(Cayuga, Ontario)
16.00 - 16.20
Demenkov P.S., Kharlamov E.Y.
Discrete modeling of structure preserving mutations in proteins.
Yakhyaeva G.E.
About fuzzy logic of final set of experts.
Lisitsa A., Potapov I.
On temporal logic between propositional and first-order.
( Liverpool)
16.50 – 17.10
Juriev D.N., Postnov S.S.
The non-classical three-valued logic and artificial intelligence: conjunction of deterministic and fuzzy approach.
( Moscow)
Wolff K.E.
Conceptual semantic systems - theory and applications.
Kovalyov S.P.
Model-theoretic methods of analysis of computer arithmetic.
17.20 – 17.40
Korovina M., N. Vorobjov
Pfaffian hybrid systems
Reibold A.
Coalgebraic und category theoretical aspects of conceptual system theory.
Kwon K.
Techniques for verifying prolog implementations.
17.50 – 18.10

18.20 – 18.40