The 9th Asian Logic Conference

16-19 August, 2005, Novosibirsk, Russia

To all speakers of the 9th Asian Logic Conference '05

Dear Speaker,

I am happy to invite you to submit a paper based on or extending your lecture(s) given at the Asian Logic Conference'05 to the Proceedings volume of this Conference, which would like to publish at the World Scientific Publishers. The editors of this volume will be S.Goncharov, H.Ono, and R.Downey. We expect to have the Proceedings volume published by autumn 2006.

Aiming at speeding up the publication process, we set up strict deadlines for submission of papers: we would like to have your paper first before 31st December 2005 and then to have your final version before 25th May 2006. You will receive the notification of acceptance of your paper before 1st April 2006. The papers should be new and original; they will be seriously refereed; by this, we cannot guarantee automatic acceptance of your paper. The maximal numbers of pages are the following: about 10 pages for contributed talks and up to 20-30 pages for invited talks. If you wish to publish a longer paper, please contact S.Goncharov.

To submit a paper, please, send the following three messages:

  1. As soon as possible (before 30th November 2005) inform Sergey Goncharov about your intention to submit a paper and about its supposed length.
  2. Send a PDF or PS file to (only!) one of the Editors S.Goncharov (, R.Downey (, H.Ono (
  3. Send the LaTeX file and the PDF or PS file of your paper to the technical coordinator of the Proceedings Ekaterina Fokina (
    Please, use the following style file when preparing the manuscript:
    The correct size to download is 9 x 6".
We strongly recommend that the authors use the standard LaTeX system and the document class “article” and to avoid use of special formatting. Authors should also be aware that the page layout and style could be changed in the final typesetting.

Yours sincerely,
S. Goncharov
Chairman of the Program Committee
Print copy:   WourldSP.rtf ( 31kb)