Dear participant of our conference,

to enter Russia, you must have a Russian visa (certainly, if you are not a citizen of Russia).

You can get a vise in any russian consulate. For this we must prepare a special invitation which will be sent to you by ordinary mail. Unfortunately, we cannot prepare this invitation ourselves. Only special state offices can do it. Their rules make us gather a lot of information and set some strict time limitations. In the end of this page, a list of russian consulates in some countries is placed .

We need your answers to the questions below and a copy of the first page of your passport (where the photograph is placed). We must print it, that's why a possible variant is to scan the passport and send a jpg-file or something like this.


(1) Family name:
(2) Name:
(3) Other names (middle initial):
(4) Sex:
(5) Date of birth:
(6) Place of birth (country, region, city):
(7) Citizenship (country):
(8) Passport Number:
(9) Passport is issued on:
(10) Passport is valid until:
(11) Place of work:
(12) Position:
(13) Work address:
(14) Home (country, region, city):
(15) Arrival in Russia (lower estimate, for your visa):
(16) Departure from Russia (upper estimate):
(17) Cities that you plan to visit in Russia (possibly, Moscow(transit) and Novosibirsk):
(18) Country and city (with a russian consulate) where you plan to get the visa:

NOTE: the normal situation is that the dates in (15) and (16) are in the period August 13 - August 22.

A rough plan of our work is the following. We get your information before May 1, 2005. Then transfer it to a special state office and get an invitation letter before June 15 (preparing an invitation requires about a month). After that, we start sending. It is also possible if you give the information after May 1, but some problems may arise. Please, don't hesitate to discuss this with us.

In addition, check that you passport is valid until February 1, 2006. If it is not, then try to change it.

We strongly recommend you to have a medical insurance valid for Russia.

Please, send any questions about visas, your information, and graphic files to Pavel Alaev
or to the usual conference e-mail

Print copy:   visa information.rtf ( 31kb)   list of questions.rtf (7 kb)   consulates.rtf (24 kb)


A list of Russian consulates

CHINA Beijing, Embassy of the Russian Federation,
Hong Kong, Consulate General
Shanghai, Consulate General
Shenyang, Consulate
IRAN Tehran, Embassy of the Russian Federation,
Isfahan, Consulate General
JAPAN Tokyo, Embassy of the Russian Federation
Niigata, Consulate General
Osaka-fu, Consulate General
Sapporo, Consulate General,
GERMANY Berlin, Embassy of the Russian Federation
Bonn, Consulate General,
Leipzig, Consulate General
Hamburg, Consulate General ,
Munchen, Consulate General
GREAT BRITAIN London, Embassy of the Russian Federation
Edinburgh, Consulate General
NEW ZEALAND Wellington, Embassy of the Russian Federation,
SINGAPORE Singapore, Embassy of the Russian Federation
SWITZERLAND Bern, Embassy of the Russian Federation,
Geneve, Consulate General
USA Washington, Embassy of the Russian Federation
Houston, Consulate General,
New York, Consulate General,
San-Francisco, Consulate General,
Seattle , Consulate General,