Mathematical Models and Methods of their Investigation

Russia, Krasnoyarsk, August 16-21, 2001



Krasnoyarsk State University
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
Institute of Computational Modelling
Institute of Computational Technologies
Russian Academy of Sciences

Are holds International Conference
"Mathematical Models and Methods of their Investigation"
Krasnoyarsk, Russia, August 16-21, 2001.

The purpose of the conference is to exchange information about new approaches to the construction of models for non-linear processes and about methods for investigation of technological problems and also to develop recommendations (on the basis of the solution of partial problems and "test" calculations) for the solution of multiparameter non-linear problems.

Items for Discussion:

Organizing Committee:

V.V.Shaidurov professor Krasnoyarsk -Chairman
V.K.Andreev professor Krasnoyarsk- Vice-chairman
Yu.Ya.Belov professor Krasnoyarsk- Vice-chairman
L.Yu.Selivanova researcherKrasnoyarsk- Secretary
Yu.E.Anikonov professor Novosibirsk
P.Broadbridge professor Wollongong (Australia)
A.M.Baranov professor Krasnoyarsk
B.I.Bykov professor Krasnoyarsk
V.N.Monakhov professor Novosibirsk
N.F.Morozov professor St.-Peterburg
V.P.Myasnikov professor Vladivostok
A.V.Medvedev professor Krasnoyarsk
M.V.Noskov professor Krasnoyarsk
V.V.Pukhnachov professor Novosibirsk
V.M.Sadovskii professor Krasnoyarsk
Yu.I.Shokin professor Novosibirsk
A.Tani professor Yokohama (Japan)

Submit and Registration:

If you plan to participate at the Conference, please fill in the enclosed registration form and send it with your abstract by e-mail to or to
Institute of Computational Modelling, Akademgorodok,
Krasnoyarsk, 660036, Russia.


Terms of Presenting the Papers

The Proceedings will be published as a special issue. The paper (5-6 pages) should be presented to the organizing committee in the form of both a LaTeX-file and a printed copy. The LaTeX-files should be sent by e-mail. The deadline for the paper is June 15, 2001.

The official languages of the conference are Russian and English.

The LaTeX-file should be made as follows:
textheight 244 mm
textwidth 153 mm
newcommand{mytitle}[1]{large sc #1 }
newcommand{avtor}[1] {large it #1 }
mytitle {About Asimptotics ...}
avtor {A. Ivanov, J. Petrov }
{it A. Ivanov, J. Petrov }
{About Asimptotics ...}}

The contents of the paper

The work is supported by ...

Neudeker N.{it On two germane matrix derivatives}// Matrix and
Tensor Quart..1982 (33). P.~3--12.
Fam F. {it ....} // Matrix and Tensor Quart..1982(35). P.~5--7.


% Information about the author(s)

{it Ivanov, Alexander}
{bf Address:} ...
{bf Tel.:} ...,
{bf Fax:} ...,
{bf E-mail:} ...

{it Petrov, John}
{bf Address:} ...
{bf Tel.:} ...,
{bf Fax:} ...,
{bf E-mail:} ...


A printed copy should not exceed six pages in size (including the information about the author(s)) printed according to the given pattern. The paper must be signed by the author(s) on the reverse side of the last page.
The papers will not be published if they do not correspond to the topics of the conference or the LaTeX -file of the paper is not presented in due time (before June, 15, 2001).

Important Dates:

June 1, 2001 - Electronic registration and applications
June 15, 2001 - Electronic versions of the draft papers
August 1, 2001 - Notification of acceptance

Addition information:

The Conference Fee The conference fee (US$ 90) may be paid during the registration. Student fee is US $30.
The Krasnoyarsk State University is going to offer low-price accommondation and board for the participants of the Conference. The participants of the Conference are provided with the accomondation in the city and University hotels. Exact prices are to be known later.

Cultural Programme Krasnoyarsk is one of the biggest cultural, scientific, industrial and administrative centres not only in Siberia, but all over Russia as well. It was founded in 1628 and since then has been developing very quickly.
We plan to organize an excursion to the historical places of Krasnoyarsk, to natural reserve cliffs ("Stolby") and along the river Yenisey.
The average temperature for the end of August in Krasnoyarsk is +(15 ÷ 20).

Telefones: +7 (3912) 49-47-61
Fax: +7 (3912) 43-27-56


1996-2000, Institute of computational Techologies SB RAS, Novosibirsk
1996-2000, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk